Canon EOS R3 Firmware Update v1.2.2 Now Available

Canon has released the new firmware version v1.2.2 for Canon EOS R3. You can find all the details and download link below.

This firmware incorporates the following changes:

  • Fixed a phenomenon in which the Err70 may occur in rare cases while shooting small subjects.
  • Fixed a phenomenon that when the battery is ejected while the power switch is set to <ON/LOCK> in rare cases, the image may not be saved correctly.

Download firmware v1.2.2 for the Canon EOS R3

The US price for Canon EOS R3 is $5999 and available atAmazon | B&H Photo |Adorama

Here are some hands-on review videos of  Canon EOS R3. You can also see our free Canon EOS R3 in Stock Tracker and watch official Canon EOS R3 sample images.

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