Canon EOS R6 Replacement In The Pipeline ? First Specs of R6 Mark II Leaked

Finally, more specific information about the Canon EOS R6 Mark II has started to emerge. We’re confident that finally a Canon EOS R6 Mark II will definitely arrive in the near future.

It is not clear if the image sensor in the below R6 Mark II specifications is a version of the sensor in the Canon EOS R3. As you might remember our previous reports indicated that, Canon is currently testing the prototype of EOS R6 Mark II camera. This also means the full frame mirrorless camera might come with a stacked sensor, which is found in the Canon EOS R3.

It’s not the first time Canon has brought a new technology introduced in a flagship camera to a more affordable model. If Canon gets the EOS R6 refresh and this R6 Mark II gets the EOS R3’s stacked sensor, Canon would have made a wise move. Take a look at the very first rumored EOS R6 Mark II specs. More details after the break!

Rumored Canon EOS R6 Mark II Specifications

  • 24mp Full-frame CMOS Sensor
  • In-body stabilization
  • 12fps Mechanical
  • 4K 30p (No Crop)
  • 4K 60p (Cropped. The EOS R6 is a 1.1x crop)
  • Canon Log 3/HDR PQ
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • SD/SDHC dual card slot
  • Not much change in the form factor over the original EOS R6

There are some similarities between these specifications and what was reported yesterday about a Canon EOS R8.

Canon EOS R5 and the EOS R6 are selling really well. At this stage it should come as no surprise that after the launch of the EOS R3, Canon will focus on the lower end of the RF mount lineup.

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One thought on “Canon EOS R6 Replacement In The Pipeline ? First Specs of R6 Mark II Leaked”

  1. Chances this to be real are practically zero. Canon cannot fulfil orders for existing cameras, much less for a new model, unless they don’t expect any sales. Which is very likely considering the next to zero benefits. Who will be mad enough to pay 2.5k for 4 megapixels?

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