Confirmed : Canon EOS R5C to be Announced in late 2021

It is now confirmed that the Canon EOS R5C will be announced in late 2021. The release date of the EOS R system cinema camera  is expected in early 2022.

We actually have quite detailed information on the Canon EOS R5C. As you will notice, the “C” symbol in the name of the EOS R5C indicates that this camera will be intended for cinema, ie video shooters.

The Canon EOS R5C cinema camera is expected to have the same image sensor as the Canon EOS R5 (AmazonB&H) and all of the same video features (8K30 Raw and 4K120 10-Bit Internal Video).

The Canon EOS R5C will have a slightly bigger body with the active cooling system, and it will remain a hybrid camera for stills shooting. The C-Log 2 is also adopted for the Canon EOS R5C.

It seems that this Canon EOS R5C cinema camera is equipped with a powerful cooling system, so it is expected to be a very attractive camera especially for those who mainly use videos for long turns. Continue reading “Confirmed : Canon EOS R5C to be Announced in late 2021”