Canon EOS R1 Release Date Might Be Delayed Until 2024

According to the latest Canon rumors, the upcoming flagship full frame mirrorless camera EOS R1 may not coming until 2024. The new rumored release date for EOS R1 is in 2024 and scheduled for summer games in Paris.

Until now, we had no idea what kind of camera the EOS R1 would be, but since information has come out that it will be the “king of resolution”, if this is true, it will be at least higher than the 61 million pixels of  Sony a7R V (B&HAmazonAdorama)

Currently, there is no rumored specs of Canon EOS R1. According to CR, the high megapixel full frame mirrorless camera EOS R5 S may coming before EOS R1 in next 6 to 12 months.

What to Expect from EOS R1

  • Canon EOS R1 to be the “new resolution king” in Canon’s lineup
  • Focus on 8K video, looking at the Cinema lineup
  • New form factor and ergonomics
  • New features

What to Expect Next from Canon ?

via: CR

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