Rumors : Canon to Announce 8-10 RF/RF-S Lenses Before March 2024

Canon is expected to announce 8-10 RF/RF-S Lenses Before March 2024. Sources suggest that Canon has numerous new RF and RF-S lenses planned for release between now and March 2024.

While specific lenses have not yet been confirmed, it’s expected that Canon will make at least two lens announcements before the end of September 2023. Additional lenses may also be unveiled later in 2023 and early 2024.

The lenses said to be in development span a range of focal lengths and include fast prime lenses as well as zooms. Of particular interest are wider angle prime lenses, which many Canon shooters have been eagerly awaiting.

Canon traditionally makes product announcements at the CP+ show in Yokohama, Japan each February. 2024 will mark the next CP+ show, where Canon may unveil some of their new higher-end camera bodies along with new lenses.

In total, sources suggest Canon has 8-10 upcoming RF and RF-S lenses planned leading up to March 2024.

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