Canon EOS R5 Review : How To Get The Best Possible Colors?

Here is another Canon EOS R5 review. Have you ever worried you might not getting the best colors possible from Canon’s industry leading color science? This Canon EOS R5 review covers this topic and explains with details.

Sonder Creative published a new 14 minute Canon EOS R5 review video below. They talk colors and how to set your Canon EOS R5 to capture colors in the best way possible. Check it out :

In this video we discuss how you can make full use of the raw files from the Canon EOS R5. When you import files into Lightroom, the colors will look pretty ugly. However, the Canon EOS R5 can comfortably produce some of the best colors from almost any camera we’ve shot with so far. This video may help you produce even better image quality with your EOS R5.

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