Canon EOS R5 C Rejected for Netflix Certification

The Canon EOS R5 C has been rejected for Netflix Certification. This means Netflix has rejected the Canon EOS R5C for production certification. Also Canon doesn’t have any intention to address the issue like Sony did with the FX3.

Neither Netflix or Canon has spoken directly on why the camera was denied, but the only thing we think that the camera lacks Canon Log-2. There may be some other image quality reason that we don’t know about. The Canon EOS R5C seems to have every other feature required by Netflix for certification.

Netflix Approved: What It Means and Why It Matters for Cinema Cameras

The Canon EOS R5 C  can still be used for productions, but footage from the camera cannot make up more than 10% of the total runtime of the production.

Canon EOS R5 C in stock tracker:

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