Canon Patent for a Camera Mounted to a Drone

Canon has a patent for a camera mounted to a drone. The new Canon patent describes a formula for a small camera equipped with a gimbal system that is intended to be mounted on a drone:

  • Applicant: Canon Inc.
    JP: 2022-43239
    Publication number: P2022043239
    Application number: P2021212307
    Publication date: 2022-03-15 Title
    of invention: Drive device, electronic device, image pickup device and mobile body
  • PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an image pickup apparatus capable of miniaturization.
  • In order to change the direction in which the image is taken, it is necessary to change the orientation of the drone body together with the gimbal, which causes inconvenience to the drone operator. Therefore, a camera that can greatly move the lens barrel in the pan direction and the tilt direction has been proposed. However, in the camera of Patent Document 2, the size of the camera cannot be reduced, and the degree of freedom of mounting on the handlebar of a drone or a bicycle may be reduced.
  • An object of the present invention is to provide a drive device, an electronic device, an image pickup device, and a mobile body that can be miniaturized.
  • In order to achieve the above object, the drive device of the present invention has a support portion that supports the driven body, a position detection unit that detects the rotation of the driven body, and the driven body that rotates about the pan axis. It is a drive device provided with a pan drive unit for making the pan.

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