Canon EOS R6 Mark II Coming with Stacked Sensor

According to latest rumors, Canon is currently testing the prototype of EOS R6 Mark II camera. The EOS R6 Mark II might feature with a stacked sensor, which is found in the Canon EOS R3.

As already rumored before, Canon is planning to announce a new RF mount full frame mirrorless camera to replace currently EOS R. Maybe this new camera is the Canon EOS R6 Mark II.

The Canon EOS R6 Mark II might come soon. Here are the details:

Twitter user how2fly posted…:

The prototype of the EOS R6 Mark II is already in testing, and it shares something with EOS R3: a STACKED sensor.

It wouldn’t be the first time Canon introduces a new technology on a flagship camera, and later on brings it to more affordable gear. The Canon EOS R6 is more than two years old, and might be in Canon’s update schedule. If it gets the stacked sensor of the EOS R3 it would be a smart move by Canon.

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