Atomos Ninja V+ brings 8K ProRes RAW support to Canon EOS R5

The ability to record 8K ProRes RAW in up to 30fps or 5K ProRes RAW in up to 60fps is now available with the Atomos Ninja V+. At $1,499, the Ninja V+ is the first recorder to support 8K recording at 30 fps on the Canon EOS R5.

AtomOS 10.71 firmware update for the Ninja V and V+ adds ProRes RAW and more to Canon, Sony and Panasonic cameras. This new Atomos Ninja V & Ninja V+ AtomOS 10.71 update adds ProRes RAW format recording options for the legacy Sony FS series, as well as the Canon EOS R5 and the Panasonic LUMIX BS1H.

Canon EOS R5

On Canon’s EOS R5 mirrorless camera, AtomOS version 10.71 adds the ability to record up to 5K/30p (5088 x 2680 pixels) ProRes RAW on the Ninja V and up to 5K/60p or 8K/30p PreRes RAW on the Ninja V+. The update also adds slider adjustments for white balance and ISO Controls in Final Cut Pro X. Interestingly, these recording modes with the EOS R5 have a slew of caveats that Atomos specifically takes the time to mention.

First, if you trigger the recording via the camera’s record button, you’ll be limited to the 29:59 minute record time limit, whereas if you trigger the recording on the Ninja V/V+’s screen, you won’t have that limit. Atomos also suggests using the EOS R5’s ‘Standby: Low Res’ mode when recording RAW for extended periods of time to ensure you get the maximum recording time possible. Atomos also notes the Ninja V’s screen and enclosure ‘will get very warm during 5K ProRes RAW recording and says that while the unit is designed for this and has safety features to prevent overheating, you might want to exercise caution when using the device in areas with high ambient temperatures.

Below is a list of the record time limits of the EOS R5 when used with the Ninja V, based on storage space:

• 1TB @ 5K30 ProRes RAW HQ: 45 minutes

• 1TB @ 5K30 ProRes RAW: 61 minutes

• 500GB @ 5K30 ProRes RAW HQ: 22 minutes

• 500GB @ 5K30 ProRes RAW: 30 minutes

You can download AtomOS firmware version 10.71 for the Ninja V and Ninja V+ on Atomos’ product support page and learn all the new tips and tricks with various setup guides on Atomos’ YouTube channel.

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